tales from the script

Tales from the Script is a film apprenticeship programme which will see the production of Barbados' first anthology film.  It features 5 stories:

Days of the Bold and the Restless - Amanda Logan used her feminine wiles to seduce Drake. But she soon realises that she got more than she bargained for.


Victor's Secret - On the night of his staff Christmas party, a series of random events prevents Victor from doing something that he would later regret.


Mission Improbable - Petty criminals Leroy, Suzie and Johnny set out to land their "big score".


Eli the Liar - Calamity ensues when compulsive liar Eli Bradshaw tries his best to impress a girl.


Agent 43 - When Barbados is under a terrorist attack, the government looks to a seemingly unlikely hero.

The individual shorts can be seen below.

Days of the Bold and the Restless

Victor's Secret